Equipping Your Sales Team with the Right Tech with Pretaa’s Michael Madon and Epicor’s Lisa Pope [Podcast]

Mar 3, 2022
This is episode 479.
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MICHAEL’S TIP: “it’s not about throwing away the investments (in sales tech) you’ve made but how to optimize those investments with a way to take the best information and the nuggets that are in all those different investments and then optimize them and use that information in a way that provides context and makes it actionable for your sales reps (so that they succeed.)”

LISA’S TIP: “For sales leaders, don’t underestimate the importance of the care and feeding of your sales teams. It’s not a math equation of how many reps and assignments, it is really about people and doing what you can to make them successful in their jobs. If you’re a sales rep starting off in your career, be clear and vocal with your management about what you need. We’re in a position now where we’re listening more, the people aspect has gotten very important. Be specific about where you need help and the things you need to succeed, and that will go a long way.”