From Acquisition to Retention and Growth: Sales Reps Need Better Access to Customer Data [Infographic]

It used to be—and in some cases still is—that B2B sales was solely focused on new deals. To hit their quotas, sales reps were tasked with one thing: to create as many new customers as possible. And they did. In the process, reps put little to no thought into proper customer fit and once a deal was won, customers were simply “thrown over the fence” to an account manager to deal with. Not the best strategy for a seamless customer experience or long-term success, and ultimately companies saw churn rates skyrocket. 

Cue a shift in B2B selling, where new customer acquisition is only half of the equation.

We’ve all seen the stats; a company’s best source of revenue growth is its customer base. So keeping customers—keeping them happy and continuously buying—needs to be a top priority for everyone in an organization. To help reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value, sales reps are now being pulled into post-sale activities with quotas including upsell, cross-sell, renewal and commission clawback provisions. By keeping reps involved over the entire course of the customer lifetime they can maintain and strengthen their existing relationships, help create a smooth customer experience and turn up the dial on company growth goals.

But for reps to be successful in this new sales model, they’re going to need some help, including insights from customer success teams and better access to customer data. 

How important is the relationship between sales and customer success going to be going forward, and what types of customer information is going to be critical to a sales rep’s success?

Check out our latest infographic to see what B2B sales professionals had to say: