Sales, say hello to customer lifetime value.

Why Pretaa makes it easy...

There’s no shortage of sales and customer success systems, each housing valuable information about prospective companies and clients.

But each of these systems require specific user permissions and extra time and resources to manage them: all things most sales reps don’t have. And as their responsibilities grow from net-new business, to customer growth and retention, easy access to the information buried in these disparate systems has become mission critical.

So we’ve created a new solution to sales support; one that bridges the gap between internal systems, so reps can easily access ALL of the company information they need to not only close more deals, but increase the lifetime value of every customer.

Product Features

Customer health

Company Health

Whether it’s a company stuck in the sales process, a customer with unusually high or low product usage or a series of unanswered support tickets, your reps are armed with the information they need to take control of the sales process from sign-on to renewal.

Customer news

Company News

Changes in leadership, M&A activity or spikes in social media: make sure your reps are always the first to know when their companies are making headlines so they can act fast on new opportunities—before your competitors do.

Account Timeline

Company Timeline

Help new reps get up to speed faster, and keep sales and customer success singing from the same page, with an easy-to-use chronological record of events, customer interactions and internal notes for every company.

Customer experience rating


Sales is not a math problem. The only way to really understand what’s going on with an account requires human interaction. With real-time ratings, easily capture and record how happy—or not—a customer is, so reps can plan their sales strategy accordingly and avoid the awkward, “Do you guys talk internally?!”

Reference Customers

Need a better way to keep track of reference customers besides a mess of internal spreadsheets? Log and flag those companies that have, and are willing, to provide glowing reviews so your reps can offer up testimonials with ease and build a robust referral program.


Pro Tips

Provide reps with helpful hints to address specific sales roadblocks and provide them with dynamic templates and playbooks based off of what the best sales reps do to close the deal in the same situation.

How Pretaa Works:

We do the searching and serve up the answers, so your reps can focus on creating and keeping customers.

Avoid costly one-off integrations and time-consuming custom reports. Instead, let us do the heavy lifting. Pretaa sifts through ALL of your company’s siloed systems to find the answers your sales team is after, and delivers easy-to-manage mobile notifications right to your reps.

With constant visibility into ongoing company news and activities, your sales reps can proactively reach out to contacts, log notes or launch internal communications—no opening additional tabs or extra logins required—to capitalize on new opportunities, avoid customer churn and increase the likelihood of a renewal.

For less than the price of the rep you can’t hire, uplift your entire sales force with Pretaa.

Ready to see what’s possible?