Because the close is just the beginning

Pretaa is the best way to help your sales reps grow customers for a lifetime.

We do this by empowering reps with the timely information needed to close more deals, keep customers, and sell them more..

Close more deals.  Reduce churn.  Drive upsell.

Your team doesn’t need better dashboards, they need better answers.

The world of B2B selling and customer success has produced a seemingly endless array of software solutions. But for the majority of sales reps—who are already stressed to the max and short on time—simply trying to navigate all of these disparate systems to find critical account information has become a herculean task. Well… no more.

Pretaa makes it easy for your reps to get the answers they need, both pre- and post-sale, so they can stop searching and focus on creating and keeping customers.

Connect sales and the customer.

Today, more sales reps are being tasked with staying involved over the course of the customer lifetime

But generally once a deal is won—even though their engagement with the customer hasn’t ended—their access to future account information has. 

Pretaa connects your company’s sales and customer support systems, because we know the close is just the beginning.

There’s no shortage of sales and customer intelligence. And it’s all great data; that is if sales reps had the time—or access—to get to it. 

Instead, to find the information they need, most reps spend hours searching through CRMs, digging through emails and chasing co-workers on Slack. There’s a better way. 

Pretaa sifts through all of your company’s siloed systems, finding the answers your reps need, so they can stop searching and focus on selling.

Turn wasted hours into selling hours.

Transform your average reps into all-stars.

There’s the top 2% of your sales force, whose secret to success lies in getting the information they need to take a proactive approach.

Then there’s the other 98%, constantly chasing answers, trying desperately to keep up. 

With Pretaa you can uplift ALL of your reps by arming them with the latest product, customer, industry and competitive information they need to control the sales process and crush their quotas.

The best way to help your sales reps grow customers for a lifetime .

For less than the price of the rep you can’t hire, uplift your entire sales force with Pretaa.

Ready to see what’s possible?