We think data can:​
do more. support recovery. save a life.

Improving Outcomes of People Suffering from Substance Abuse Disorders, Alcohol Use Disorders, Process Addictions, and Behavioral Health Concerns Through Science and Smart Tech.

It takes a village...
and data.

Supporting health is no easy task given the unprecedented pressures and changes we faced during the pandemic. But if one thing was made clear, staying engaged is important.

Isolation takes a toll on everyone, especially those who suffer from addiction or seclusion. These vulnerable populations need active support systems from their caregivers, friends, and families. And these support systems need information.

Innovation is everywhere.
Just not here.

It seems like innovation is happening to everything. It’s everywhere. But in many rehabilitation and health care facilities, patients are discouraged, not permitted or unable to use smartphones, and so any insights derived from wearables are lost – to the patient, the caregivers, and people invested in helping their loved ones.

Better Connections.
Better Outcomes.

We help families, friends, and caregivers by analyzing wearables’ data whenever and wherever the patient may be. Tracking activity, sleep, oxygen levels, and heart rate with wearable devices provides daily opportunities for self-learning, and ongoing engagement, and can lead to positive behavior change.


Are we solving this problem the right way?

It seems like loved ones fighting an addiction problem are stigmatized and isolated. When they need family and care the most, they can feel like they are fighting the battle themselves. We can’t help them if we don’t know what is happening. Now with unique insights, family friends and caregivers can empower people to live healthier lives.


Data with a human purpose.

Because it's personal.

We think data can do more. It can serve our loved ones better. It can help friends, family, and health care providers stay connected more deeply and intimately to their loved ones and patients’ overall health and rehabilitation efforts.

Customer Testimonials:

My staff and I really appreciate having the additional insight into how clients are feeling – sometimes more than the clients even are aware of themselves in the moment! And with these insights, we are able to provide the right intervention at the right time, leading to better outcomes.

Dylan Woods

Founder & CEO, Berkshire Transition Network & Commonwealth Collaborative

Pretaa not only gives clinicians new insights through biometric data so they can give better care, it also helps clients build community by fostering relationships and renewing trust with loved ones. If someone is in active addiction or has untreated mental health challenges, they don’t often know how to navigate this on their own. Now they don’t have to.

Jordana Blesa

Executive Director, Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center

As our students progress through our program and gain increasing freedom, Pretaa provides them with an added layer of support and accountability to ease the transition. We love having the added transparency into how they’re doing physiologically.

Vic Washington

Assistant Director, Teen Challenge NJ

Using data to create:


Your Child

Your Friend

Your Parent

Your Patient

They are why we're here.

Our mission it to improve outcomes for the millions of Americans and their friends and families that are being affected by substance and alcohol abuse, process addictions, and behavioral health concerns.

Better Connections. Better Outcomes.