We are Pretaa

We believe that...

Everyone should have access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

We know that...

Solutions don’t need to be fancy or overly complex, they just need to work.

And the needs of those working on the frontline of businesses often get overlooked or ignored—because we’ve experienced it firsthand.

Leadership Team

Michael Madon

Founder & CEO

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

Founder & COO

John Duselis

John Duselis


Mrudula Sakpal

Mrudula Sakpal

Chief Security & Data Privacy Officer

Board Members

Joe Shamess

Lisa Pope

Randy Altschuler


Here's our story...

When I first enlisted as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, I provided direct support to the infantry soldier. That experience kicked off a journey of serving the front linesthe ones who make first contact. Tim also spent a lifetime serving the front lines in clean energy and healthcare. With our first company, we continued that journey together helping frontline employees stay safe online.

 Fast forward some years. Tim and I are both at a big cybersecurity company working in product and sales respectively. We noticed a disturbing cycle: sales reps were not selling enough stuff, that made them unhappy, and they quitin droves. Then, customers felt neglected, that made them unhappy, they bought less, and then they too leftin droves. COVID, the Great Resignation and changing workplace dynamics only made this cycle worse. As sales reps are the front line for any business, and as we have spent our lives passionately serving that special breed of person, we began to ask a lot of questions and listen. What we heard over and over was: 

Sales reps don’t have the information or time they need to sell more stuff.

Reps were increasingly being pulled into meetings with unhappy customers and it was not going well. The reps were frequently caught off guard and ill-preparedbut it wasn’t their fault. Sales reps were kept out of key information flows like whether a new customer was up and running or if a long-time customer was happy and ready to buy more, serve as a reference, or at risk of leaving. The result: frustrated sales reps who quit and unhappy customers who churnedcutting revenue goals off at the knees. 

Armed with feedback from hundreds of sales reps, we built Pretaa to break the current cycle and create a better one: happy sales reps who sell more stuff to happy customersfor a lifetime. 

Our prime directive is to do everything we can to make you and your team heroes. Please reach out to let us know how we are doing with that, how you are doing or just to chat.  


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