Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: What is Pretaa?

A: Pretaa is a cutting-edge outcome-based measurement tool designed specifically for addiction/SUD treatment. By combining biometric data monitoring with industry-standard patient assessments, Pretaa offers a comprehensive view of both the mind and body, elevating the standard of recovery treatment.

Q: How does Pretaa make treatment more effective?

A: Pretaa simplifies patient assessment, leverages biometric data for real-time responses, and provides comprehensive insights into recovery. This not only makes treatment smarter and less time-consuming but also supports clinicians in delivering personalized care.

Q: Does Pretaa replace other treatment methods?

A: No, Pretaa is designed to complement existing treatment modalities. It enhances the treatment process by providing comprehensive insights but does not replace traditional methods.

Benefits of Pretaa

Q: Why should I choose Pretaa over other tools?

A: Pretaa stands out because it is the only tool that integrates self-reported assessment data with biometric patient information. This unique combination provides:

  • A holistic picture of recovery
  • Real-time and precise biometric insights
  • Enhanced accountability and transparency, leading to improved outcomes.

Moreover, Pretaa complements, rather than replaces, existing treatment methods, making it an ideal addition to current treatment methods.

Q: How does Pretaa assist clinicians?

A: Pretaa equips clinicians to be more effective and efficient. It simplifies outcome-based measurement, minimizes administrative tasks, and allows more time for direct patient interaction. Ultimately, Pretaa ensures clinicians can focus on what they truly love – helping their patients.

Q: How does Pretaa help clinicians on a daily basis?

A: Clinicians are often bogged down with administrative tasks, detracting from patient care. Pretaa is designed to streamline these tasks, ensuring clinicians can devote more time to their patients. By reducing the workload and optimizing efficiency, Pretaa enables clinicians to focus on their primary passion: making a difference in their patients’ lives.

Q: How does Pretaa assist treatment facility operators?

A: For facility operators, Pretaa is a tool for quality assurance. It helps identify which clinicians are most impactful based on real-time data. This data-driven approach not only ensures optimal patient care but also aids in staff training and development. Whether onboarding new employees or refining current practices, Pretaa ensures facilities operate at their peak potential.

The Pretaa App

Q: How does the Pretaa App's dashboard assist treatment centers?

A: The Pretaa dashboard serves as a triage board, helping prioritize patient care by analyzing and aggregating both biometric data and self-reported assessment results. This real-time data analysis ensures clinicians can promptly address patient needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Q: How are alerts generated on the Pretaa app?

A: Pretaa provides real-time alerts based on anomalies in biometric readings or specific survey responses. For instance, if a patient indicates potential harm to self or others, an immediate alert notifies the clinician, ensuring timely intervention.

Q: How does Pretaa maintain data privacy?

A: Pretaa is committed to maintaining the utmost privacy and security standards. All patient data is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring it is accessible only to authorized personnel. We regularly review and update our security measures in line with industry best practices.

Biometric Data & Assessments

Q: What biometric data does Pretaa track?

A: Pretaa monitors several vital biometric markers:

  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Skin Temperature
  • SPO2
  • Steps
  • Sleep

These markers offer insights into an individual’s well-being and response to therapy.

Q: What assessments are available through Pretaa?

A: Pretaa facilitates several industry-standard self-reported assessments:

  • BAM
  • BAM-R
  • BARC
  • GAD-7
  • PHQ-9
  • PHQ-15
  • WHOQOL-BREF (coming soon)
  • TEA (coming soon)
  • Custom Assessments (Clinicians create their own custom assessments within the Pretaa app based on their patient’s needs.)

These standardized assessments, used to measure patient progress, are easily accessible to clinicians through Pretaa.

Q: How is biometric data collected?

A: Pretaa seamlessly integrates with popular wearable devices, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, to collect real-time biometric data, ensuring a comprehensive view of patient health.

Q: How are the assessments administered?

A: All assessments are administered via the Pretaa app. Clinicians can utilize predefined industry-standard assessments or design custom ones based on patient needs. Additionally, Pretaa offers assessment scheduling features to help clinicians manage their timelines.