Fitbit + Pretaa

We are very excited about our partnership with Fitbit Health Solutions (understatement). Together, we know that we can change – and save – lives by transforming addiction treatments. Better connections equal better outcomes, and Fitbit helps us deliver those connections.

Fitbit Health Solutions’ Karen Romans, LICSW addresses how current treatments leave patients “to face things alone” once they leave treatment in her article titled “Using Technology to Help Americans Affected by Substance Use” from Oct 11, 2022.

Here’s an excerpt…

The risk of relapse in substance abuse recovery is extremely high and it can take individuals a long time, if not their entire life, to truly recuperate. Too frequently, people leave treatment and are left to face things alone. Fitbit devices and Premium app help individuals to set attainable goals and gradually change their behaviors, empowering them to feel more in control and confident in their ability to make healthy changes. Through data and insights, people can learn how to best cope with triggers and build resiliency over time. The Fitbit experience provides support and accountability along the way that is positive and free of the stigma so often associated with substance use.