Our Connection to Maddie’s Place

Last week, I embarked on a deeply significant journey to Spokane, Washington, to visit an extraordinary organization known as Maddie’s Place. This visit was not merely a business trip; it was an alignment of core values and a profound experience that reaffirmed our mission at Pretaa.

I found that Maddie’s Place is an extraordinary facility with a deep connection to Pretaa. The alignment goes beyond client relationships; it’s a shared vision in critical ways. Our CRO, Eliza Foltz, struggled with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) for over a decade. Her recovery journey, keeping families united, and assisting antepartum women and new mothers find lasting recovery are fundamental to our approach. 

Maddie’s Place is not just a rehabilitation center; it’s a haven. It’s a sanctuary primarily crafted to serve infants suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) due to in utero exposure to substances. Keeping families together resonates with our own philosophy and partnering with Maddie’s Place will become a vital step in fulfilling our mission to save lives with the right intervention at the right time. 

Pretaa is a pioneering behavioral analytics company leveraging AI, machine learning, and wearable technology to detect, track, and elevate outcomes for individuals battling Substance Use Disorders and behavioral health concerns. At Maddie’s we will utilize data-driven insights to help women navigate their recovery, offering them actionable strategies to cope with challenges they may face. 

During my visit, I had the opportunity to meet Katie, a Peer Support Specialist at Maddie’s Place. Katie is a woman who has been in recovery for 6 1/2 years, found Maddie’s Place, and felt led to serve there because of her experience having three of her four babies exposed during pregnancy. Meeting Katie was a humbling experience, and she is a living testament to the transformation that Maddie’s Place ignites in the lives of those it serves. Engaging directly with clients and graduates, Katie helps ensure they stay on positive trajectories, and I felt immense gratitude for witnessing firsthand the impact of recovery and dedication.

Maddie’s Place’s unique approach, relying on homeopathic and non-pharmaceutical interventions, perfectly complements Pretaa’s commitment to personalized care. The success stories of women who complete treatment, leave with wrap-around services, and frequently go on to maintain lasting recovery, are further amplified by our collaborative efforts. Pretaa’s partnership not only supports these successes but also contributes to defining and achieving measurable outcomes that are crucial for sustaining recovery and minimizing early childhood trauma.

Our shared goal to halt generational trauma and break addiction cycles is fortified by a unique blend of personalized care, professional guidance, and data-informed insights. Pretaa’s engagement with Maddie’s Place extends beyond mere collaboration; it’s a synergy that fosters growth, healing, and transformation.

My visit to Maddie’s Place has deeply reinforced our commitment to our higher purpose at Pretaa. The courage, strength, and resilience of the brave women and babies served, and the dedicated staff who support them, inspire us to continually strive for excellence in our contributions to recovery and personal growth. We are profoundly grateful for the chance to make a tangible difference, and every step of this challenging yet rewarding journey fills us with gratitude and determination.