Pretaa Attends the Rocky Mountain Symposium on Addictive Disorders

The recent Rocky Mountain Symposium on Addictive Disorders outside of Denver, Colorado at the end of September 2023 may have been compact in size, but its significance for the industry was profound. Pretaa’s participation offered a new and unique opportunity to establish connections with treatment industry professionals from Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho — areas where our in-person outreach has previously been a bit more limited.

Being able to transition some of our primarily virtual relationships into tangible, in-person collaborations was invaluable. These face-to-face meetings allowed for deeper exploration into the specific challenges faced by professionals in these regions. For example, rural areas offer few treatment options for those who are struggling so providing transportation and telehealth services is critical in certain geographies. Furthermore, these discussions were crucial in understanding how Pretaa’s technology can directly address and alleviate some of these challenges.

Moreover, the symposium presented sessions of immediate relevance, ensuring that all attendees left with actionable insights. There were enlightening discussions on the vital topics of repairing intergenerational trauma, devising strategies to serve broader demographics, and methods to holistically support organizations at every level. These sessions are a testament to the symposium’s commitment to delivering immediate value to its attendees at all levels in their respective centers. 

In reflection, the Rocky Mountain Symposium on Addictive Disorders highlighted the indispensable value of in-person interactions, especially in an era where virtual engagements are often the norm. As Pretaa continues to innovate and align our offerings to the needs of professionals in the field, the insights and feedback from such events are crucial.

To all the professionals and executives who participated and shared their insights: Your contributions are the bedrock of industry progression. We eagerly anticipate the collaborative advancements the future holds, shaped by our collective insights and experiences from the symposium.