Each Year, there are Over 100,000 New Heroin Users

Every year, our nation is faced with a sobering statistic: over 100,000 individuals are initiated into heroin use.

To put this number into perspective, it’s like filling the University of Michigan’s “Big House” football stadium, the largest stadium in the United States, to its full capacity. Every seat taken is a new life embarking on a hazardous journey of heroin use, a journey fraught with perils that could include addiction, health decline, and even death.

It’s like every single resident of a city the size of South Bend, Indiana, or Pueblo, Colorado.

It’s tragic.

This statistic isn’t just a number – it represents lives, families, and communities that are dramatically altered by the shadow of addiction. But there is hope. Through education, prevention, and innovative recovery solutions, we can work together to change this narrative, guiding each of these lives from the path of despair to the journey of recovery.

Together, we can transform this statistic from a symbol of despair into a beacon of hope.

Source: Addiction Center

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