Nearly 21 Million Americans have at least one addiction, but only 10% ever get treatment

Imagine the entire population of the state of Florida — home to bustling cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. Now imagine every single one of those individuals struggling with an addiction. That’s the sobering reality for nearly 21 million Americans today. Yet, the tragedy doesn’t stop there.

Think about a large football stadium like the one at the Pennsylvania State University, which can hold over 100,000 people. Now, picture it filled to capacity and every fan was struggling with addiction. Tragically, only about 10,000 of these individuals – roughly the number that could fit in a small community theater – would receive the treatment they need to overcome their addiction.

This stark contrast illuminates the immense gap in addiction treatment in our country. It calls us to action, to amplify our efforts in addressing addiction and improving access to effective treatment. It is a call to not only heal the ones who are hurting but also to create a society where help is readily available for everyone in need.

Source: Addiction Center

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